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Restaurant Menu for Herbie's BistroHerbie's Vintage 72's menu represents a combination of classics and new American cuisine– reflecting a theme throughout the restaurant, and incorporating our own new signature dishes along with some traditional dishes. Our menu features classics such as the beef wellington, escargot, smoked trout pancake, firecracker shrimp, cucumber bisque, and shrimp dumplings, along with many more.  Our newer dishes incorporate French, Asian and American flavors and techniques.  On both the dining room and bistro menu you will find favorites that our guests have enjoyed for over 30 years. Many dishes on the dining room menu are prepared in a more traditional ala carte fashion, while the bistro menu has a more casual style, with flatbread pizzas, burger and bistro plates.

All of our dishes are prepared with great care and technique, while keeping the style of the food inviting and comfortable.

Herbie's wine program has a selection of vintages from around the world, but focuses on wines from the United States and France.  You can find something for most palates; we research many wines to find appelations that cover a wide range of taste profiles and prices.  We have tried to bring you labels that are well known, as well as some lesser-known surprises.

Bon Appétit!